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Thursday, January 12, 2006

doesnt expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected???

well today wan an alright day i guess.. i was pretty sadd when i couldnt get my schedule changed because i dont want sociology... but whatever, things happen. ill live with the class of a monotone teacher, and a lot of worksheets.. i havent even had the class yet and i hate it. but at least i have a major blow off class in the after noon.. typing with ms. auker, no relation thank god! haha everyone hates her and she seems annoying to me.
i hate french, officially. ms. bistline hates me and sorry to tell her but the feeling is mutual. i can speak, read and translate french the only thing i cant do that well is write it. and shes horrible about it so whatever.. shes a poopy-head.
we had an assembly today, it was pretty cool, 1. it got me out of french, and 2. it was guys singing occapella.. they were pretty good like they sang the music and the words, and it was awesome they were called earthtones, and i think their website was www.etones.org but im not sure about that one.
anyways has anyone noticed im doing a fantabulous job at keeping this updated???


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