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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Meet Me By The Cubbies

hmm.. well this weekend has been quite interesting.. it was a 4 day weekend and i was so pumped for it, but it didnt exactly turn out right..

thursday- i did the normal come home from school and hang out with chad, play video games, eat, and watch movies.. but then i got home and i was talking to roy.. and i passed out and had what appeared to be a seizure, so i went to the hospital with chad, his mommy, and my mommy. annndddd.. chad passed out too because he was so nervous that something was really wrong with me and they couldnt fix it. but he stayed with me all night until they let me go home at 230 am!! it scared me to death when he passed out i didnt know what to do, i was really scared. but he was okay.
then friday- he spent all day with me and we played video games and just relaxed, i had a drs. appointment, and then i spent more time with him
saturday - monday we hung out and it was all good.. oh yeah and sunday i got to go to TGIF and have my jack daniels burger, and vanilla bean cheesecake... yummyness!!!
then tuesday was our 6 months, and i had a huge headache, so i slept and just laid around and chad sat here with me. i guess it wasnt a bad weekend, i did get to spend a lot of time with Chad <3 and that makes me happier than anything in the whole world.
but im back to normal now i hope, and i go for a test on friday morning... i hope that goes well and then im good to go...
<3 me


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