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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

London Bridge is falling down.. WHAT?!?

haha ive watch a bit too much Wild n' out lately .. and they had to remake a rhyme and lil jon got london bridge... so thats what they came up with. umm, not a whole lot has been happening lately just mostly school and stuff like that. im drinking gatorade right now, and chad is driving home to get online to talk to me 0=) !!! i played madden tonight, like i do most of the time with Chad , and of course i was completely horrible at it, but im better than i was before. i was so bad you didnt even want to watch, i think the eagles could have beat me hahahha no just kidding, i dont think i was near that bad.
anyways, talking about football.. the eagles officially released TO yesterday, or else they had to pay him 5 million and i dont think he deserved that. so they released him and i was glad =) butttt.... the redskins are gonna be amazing this year. they just got randel el and they already had moss, and ughhh they are in the eagles division, so yeah were screwed again!!! but its gonna be okay, well get our year some year... hopefully
but enough football talk.. i hate school and i dont know why but i just hate it!!! i seriously get up in the morning and take a shower and want to cry because i know im going to school.. yes i find it that dumb. its not the people, well it kinda is, i hate the whole oh my god highschool drama. its dumb! okay yeah some random guy who you "went out with" for 3 periods broke up with you.. wow thats harsh. i mean seriously!! its dumb. but the classes are the thing i hate the most. they are just repetative and annoying. so yeah i dont like school at all.
ive decided that i want to be possibly a computer programmer or a graphic designer, or something along those lines. im not sure exactly what but for right now those sound good to me.
so im talking to rachel right now and she goes, kaitie and i go what Rachel: i think
Kaitie: i dont

isnt that funny!! hahahah im such a dorkey brain.
but basically my life is school and then homework and stuff, then of course the best thing there is to do in the entire world... hang out with my amazing boyfriend <3>


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