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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

no place that id rather be...

Okay well, whats new in my life. welllll... i still dont have a job, but im workin on it and school is almost out which makes me a very very very happy little girl. then i have summer gym but i dont really consider that school i just consider that my workout for the year haha. anyways, ummm... Chad and i are still the cutest and happiest couple in the whole entire universe no matter what anyone says or does were still gonna be happy together. =) he makes me very super smiley when im with him and im not gonna let him go cause hes mine <3>on another note.. i just want to get some feelings out because thats what a journal is for right? okay then, i know that some people may not like me being with chad because of reasons that just blow my mind but i just want to cover some things....
  1. If you dont like Chad because he isnt in college yet.. this one just blows my mind. its very childish. just because he isnt ready to go to college yet doesnt mean that he isnt going to go. if you knew him then you would know that he is going to go to college, he doesnt like to talk about college because he isnt ready for it yet, but he is going to go... so that one is childish and lame..
  2. if you dont like him because of his age.. okay well this one is another one where you need to get to know him first, because if you knew him then you would know that he is extremely responsible for his age and he doesnt pressure me into doing things. i think the only thing that he has ever pressured me into doing was eating something with a pepper flavor or something like that (which was completely gross) but other than that theres nothing. a lot of people just stereotype people, but chad is extremely responsible and
  3. isnt the main thing that he makes me happy?? i thought it was and let me tell you he does. if you asked anyone that really knows me then they will tell you that ever since i met chad ive been so much happier than i was before. he makes me smile no matter what and he makes me laugh all the time. he tells me im beautiful and he makes me feel like im the only person in the world. he doesnt do anything to hurt me and he never would. he gives me the self confidence to do things that i wouldnt normally do, and i feel that he has made me a better person. if you ever want to see me happy then you should see me when im with him because thats when im truly happy.
    chad is mature and has goals in life, and they are realistic... he doesnt want to live in a castle or anything like that, he has a job and has had one for over a year. hes had a job basically since he was able to have one. hes intelligent and hes realistic about everything he manages money and pays some of his own bills. hes honestly one of a kind hes a good person and i love absolutely everything about him. he treats me like a girl should be treated and he makes me feel special... he would do absolutely anything to make me smile and i cant imagine being with anyone else.
    if you still think that him and i shouldnt be together then id really like to know why... i love him and he loves me thats all there is to it. <3
i have decided that as of right now i dont know what i want to do with my life. i have absolutely no clue honestly and i have a few years to figure it out for when i do go to college. but right now i dont like school no.. i despise school. i wake up in the morning and i cry because i dont want to go to school, i get sick when im at school i just dont like it what so ever. i cant stand the people there and i cant stand the whole environment. i think its repetative and dumb. i am going to go to college and i have it narrowed down , im either going to go to penn tech (where you can get a bachelors degree and i do know people who have gone there and have made it pretty good in life by the way) or im going to go to lycoming for 2 years and then move back to psu altoona. i like the area down there and yes it does help that chad is going to be going down there... but i have options. hes my motivation for school because if he didnt make me go everyday i wouldnt go just because i hate the place so much. so i dont know what i want to do, chad doesnt know what he wants to do.. and honestly i dont want to talk about it either. if anyone should be worries about school right now it should be royce, he didnt even take his SAT's.. chad did, and im going to next year. honestly, until im in college i dont wanna even talk about it..
i just needed to get a few things off of my chest, godsh im glad i have a journal <3


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