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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

no place that id rather be...

Okay well, whats new in my life. welllll... i still dont have a job, but im workin on it and school is almost out which makes me a very very very happy little girl. then i have summer gym but i dont really consider that school i just consider that my workout for the year haha. anyways, ummm... Chad and i are still the cutest and happiest couple in the whole entire universe no matter what anyone says or does were still gonna be happy together. =) he makes me very super smiley when im with him and im not gonna let him go cause hes mine <3
so basically we just had our 9 months on sunday and that was very exciting because it was our 9 months. and it seems like its been so much longer just because i love absolutely every second that im with him and everything that we do is important to me. rather its walkin around the mall or playin video games or roller blading or anything it makes me happy because its with him. i just dont know what i would do without him.. =/ so its a good thing that ill never have to be withouth him <3
alright well thats about all i have to say ... <3


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