Right now nothing could take this moment...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Okay! so today was pretty boring, i was sick monday.. it sucked!
I got to hang out with chad yesterday after writing this huge paper for AP which was extremely frustrating!
anyways.. nothing really new in my life, ashes has decided they want me to organize a show for them for when they come back in christmas so im pumped!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Maybe youll fly into my window!

wow i havent updated this for a while.. so lets see whats new.. well summer school is over and school has started! it sucks even worse than summer school.
his name is chad and he makes me extremely happy! weve been goin out since august 21 <3 when i finally get a pic of him and i.. ill put it up here!

okay so not too much else is happening in my life. .ashes played in altoona on july 22 and then chad and i went to see them on august 12 and they were amazing.. like i knew they would be! and then yeah.. they are on break and its super sad!

as shocking as this is i have cut down on soda!! gasp! im only drinking soda on weekends (friday included! )

umm lets see.. thats about it for now.. ill seriously keep yall updated!