Right now nothing could take this moment...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Why does wise guy and wise man mean opposite things

lets see, tuesday i was barfy sick and it was gross. but chad came over to help take care of me and he got me a suffed monkey thats the cutest thing ever... wanna see?? of course you do.. so here it is..

cute huh? its name is boom boom.. it was on the tag... and its so cute!! when you press its hand it sounds like its playing drums, and the heart lights up.. in the pic its wearing chads hat. haha.
anyways today is january 21 which means.. drum roll... its our 5 month today!! woo hooo!!! and i dont know if anyone ever saw the picture of him and i.. we need to take more, but heres this one..
im doing such a good job at this updating and pictures thing.. haha, but anyways im gonna go get some sleep it is late
i love you Chad <3>

Thursday, January 12, 2006

doesnt expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected???

well today wan an alright day i guess.. i was pretty sadd when i couldnt get my schedule changed because i dont want sociology... but whatever, things happen. ill live with the class of a monotone teacher, and a lot of worksheets.. i havent even had the class yet and i hate it. but at least i have a major blow off class in the after noon.. typing with ms. auker, no relation thank god! haha everyone hates her and she seems annoying to me.
i hate french, officially. ms. bistline hates me and sorry to tell her but the feeling is mutual. i can speak, read and translate french the only thing i cant do that well is write it. and shes horrible about it so whatever.. shes a poopy-head.
we had an assembly today, it was pretty cool, 1. it got me out of french, and 2. it was guys singing occapella.. they were pretty good like they sang the music and the words, and it was awesome they were called earthtones, and i think their website was www.etones.org but im not sure about that one.
anyways has anyone noticed im doing a fantabulous job at keeping this updated???

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Why is it called after dark when it is really after light?

Today i was with my boyfriend almost all day =) it was insanley great!
Last night we went to a show .. Ashes last show for a while since they are all back at college now it was a pretty good show. they were amazing .
Today we went roller blading for a while, and i didnt do too bad!! (yay for kaitie) and then we went out to eat.. olive garden <3>

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is it a good thing if a vaccume really sucks?

this is my friends wall at college in illinois.. and thats the picture i colored for him

My absotutalutely amazing boyfriend on christmas <3>

Me.. not very impressive i know

The amazing snowman that Chad and i built <3