Right now nothing could take this moment...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

So its valentines day... and its snowing horribly.
Theres really nothing to do when it snows so i took pictures of some things i thought were super pretty <3

Our 2 wrestling bears....
Shawn Michaels on the left
and Carlito on the right
They're our kids <3

The Valentines Day presents from Boyfriend <3
the phone flips open and the bear sings
"I just called to say I Love you" its so cute... <3

The front of my shirt.. boyfriend made it for me
im on the all star team for Team Barr <3

The back of the shirt...
Im girlfriend <3

The thing in the back yard i think its called a trellis or something..
I just thought it was kind of cool